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Created in 2017, BIENVENUE À L’IMMIGRANT is a non-profit organization which the primary purpose is to welcome and help immigrants irrespective of their country of origin.

We are a group of people from different origins, all united to help each other and ensure better integration of newcomers to Canada. Through our structure, the immigrant has the opportunity not only to obtain the necessary information to facilitate his integration, but also to make himself known and to be accepted throughout the community in order to fight prejudices.

We contribute to the flourishing and socio-cultural development of the host community. Among other things, we offer advice, help, listening and support.

Since the year of its inception, BAI is Recognized by the Ville LaSalle borough and currently has more than a hundred members. Its regularly organizes various activities during the year specially to educate, develop and instill a multicultural behavior and a positive diversity.


Our long-term vision is to contribute to the flourishing and socio-cultural development of the host community as long as the need arises which satisfies the authorities of the host country in total compliance with all legals institutions.


BIENVENUE À L’IMMIGRANT (BAI )’s mission is to offer the opportunity to the immigrant not only to make himself known, but also to be accepted in order to fight prejudices by means of the information necessary to facilitate his integration.

OBJECTIVES, Context and challenges

According to statistics, Canada receives several types of immigrants: permanent residents, skilled workers, refugees, asylum seekers, international students and visitors. In either case, all of these people need basic orientation in order to allow them to better integrate into their new environment. Several community organizations are working in this area however, the fact remains that many of these immigrants remain without support that allow them to smoothen their integration.


Reception and orientation services
In charge for welcoming, listening and guiding immigrants according to their needs and challenges.
Psychosocial and intercultural support services
Regardless of the shortcomings or the emotional state of the people welcomed, adequate support will to be provided.
Training and socio-professional integration services
In order to better help immigrants integrate into their new socio-professional life, training will be organized to immigrants register in BAI database.


As its stands today, all BAI members are volunteers and give free of their time to fulfill the mission that the organization has set for itself.

As so, its has 56 about volunteer members giving an average of 1 to 3 hours of their time per day, or approximately 60 to 150 hours per day; which gives a total number of 500 to 750 hours per week for the entire team.

Composed of :
Its role :
It reprsents the body which makes decisions on the functioning and activities of BAI. It sets the operating budget for BAI's activities for one year. It supports the organization in the search for funds and financing and the creation of partnerships.
It is the body in charge of the implementation of BAI's activities in the field and which implements the decisions of the Steering Committee. It reports on its activities, management and the difficulties encountered while achieving its objectives. It presents its administrative and management account and prepares the projection of the next annual budget (income and expenditure).
Composed of :


In order for BAI to carry out its missions, it will rely on partnerships with key organizations such as PRAIDA, Immigration, Citizenship Canada, immigration consulting firms, legal aid services, the borough of Ville LaSalle or the city of Montreal. The above partners mentioned are established institutions with good statistical databases on incoming immigrants.
BAI solicits partners to share information on incoming immigrants and even those already settled, in order to offer them effective support while providing with the necessary information to facilitate their integration. Here are some partners with whom BAI works and those with whom BAI intends to work:
Renaissance / Ran start / Destination Travail / Centre PRISME, / Maison des Jeunes de Lasalle / Marché MBOA / Bureau EN GROS / « Les Papillons » de l’association chinoise de l’arrondissement de Ville LaSalle