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Bienvenue à l’Immigrant – Lasalle was founded in 2018 by Henriette Mvondo. It’s a community-based non-profit organization, officially recognized in September 2017 by the Borough of Ville LaSalle, dedicated to welcoming and helping new immigrants, regardless their country of origin. With events all year long, we want to help new comers making themselves known and finding all the necessary information to ease their integration in their new environment in Canada. We also want to fight prejudice and making of everybody’s differences discovery opportunities.

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Yearly Calendar of Our Various Activities at BAI

Calendar of our  various Activities at BAI.

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BAI, Our Future Together

Welcoming new immigrants

Welcoming and listening to new immigrants and assisting them with their resettlement (information, advice, reassurance…).

Training and socio-professional integration

In order to better help them integrate into their new socio-professional life, training will be organized to immigrants listed in BAI database.

Intercultural and Psychosocial support

Regardless of the shortcomings or the emotional state of the welcomed people, adequate support will be provided to them.

Research Emploiment Unit

Support to new immigrants in helping finding jobs and placements in companies so to have their first job in Canada, thus ensuring their empowerment.

Capacity Building

Offers trainings and placements to immigrants with its partners, to provide the Canadian professional experience necessary to obtain a first job in Canada.

Entrepreneur Corner

Provide referral service for potential entrepreneurs within the community. Provide advice and orientation to best trainings to potential entrepreneurs, research and business launches facilitators.

We contribute to the flourishing and socio-cultural development of the host community Among other things, we offer advice, help, listening and support.
According to statistics, Canada receives several types of immigrants: permanent residents, skilled workers, refugees, asylum seekers, international students and visitors. In either case, all of these people need basic orientation in order to allow them to better integrate into their new environment. Several community organizations are working in this area however, the fact remains that many of these immigrants remain without support that allow them to smoothen their integration.
BAI's Successful cases that we have achieved so far
We work with corporate organizations which understand that supporting the immigrant is key to stimulate innovation and economic growth.

Corner for

Flourishing and Safeguarding of families
We have a section dedicated for the protection and development of immigrant families


In order for BAI to carry out its missions, it will rely on partnerships with key organizations such as PRAIDA, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, immigration consulting firms, legal aid services, the borough of Ville LaSalle or the city of Montreal. The above partners mentioned are established institutions with good statistical databases on incoming immigrants.
BAI solicits partners to share information on incoming immigrants and even those already settled, in order to offer them effective support while providing with the necessary information to facilitate their integration. Here are some partners with whom BAI works and those with whom BAI intends to work:
Renaissance / Ran start / Destination Travail / Centre PRISME, / Maison des Jeunes de Lasalle / Marché MBOA / Bureau EN GROS / « Les Papillons » de l’association chinoise de l’arrondissement de Ville LaSalle

destination travail

Message from the 🇨🇦Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Canada Mr. David Lametti​

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Offer all newcomers the help and support necessary for their installation and smooth integration in their new host country.
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Among other things, we offer advice, help, listening and support.

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